Please follow the links below to policies we are required to display on our website by the DFE. Should you require any further policies please contact the school office.

Admissions update in October 2017

Anti-Bullying Update July 2017

Assessment Update October 2017

Attendance Update October 2017

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy update October 2017

Charges and Remissions Update October 2017

Complaints_Procedure Update in July 2017

Complaints Against the Curriculum update May 2018

Creative Curriculum May 2018 to be read with SMSC Policy

Collective Worship Update December 2017

Disability Equality Scheme and Accessibility Plan to be updated in May 2020

Exclusion update May 2018

Equality Policy Update October 2017

Health and Safety Policy update in February 2017

Home-School Agreement part of Pupil Discipline update in October 2017

Privacy Notice – May 2016

Pupil Discipline and Behaviour update in October 2017

Religious Education Update in December 2017

Science update in March 2020

Special Educational Needs and Disability update in February 2018

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development read with Creative Curriculum May 2018

Inclusion Update October 2017

E-Safety Policy Update July 2017 

Sex and Relationships Update December 2017

Whistleblowing update in February 2018