Art & Design


We believe that art is a form of expression and communication, unique to each artist. Our children will learn about and explore a range of artistic techniques as well as learning about key artistic styles and artists through history. Artistic elements and techniques are explicitly taught and practised so that children become comfortable to explore them when composing their own pieces. Our children learn about a range of diverse artists and draw inspiration from a range of sources, including our local area, when creating their own artwork.



The school follows the National Curriculum for Art, covering all aspects throughout the school, including:  drawing, painting, 3D work, collage,  printing, textiles, artist appreciation  and evaluating. Art is taught through blocks of lessons or weekly lessons. These involve all children, focussing on the work of an artist or style of art and linking skills to this work.  Children revisit skills throughout their time in school building on and developing them through the use of a spiral curriculum.

Visits to the local area and any appropriate exhibits and galleries provide the opportunity for children to experience Art from first hand experience.  This also includes viewing work from other classes. A range of high quality resources are available to all year groups.

Staff have a high level of subject knowledge; leaders have a high level of subject knowledge and provide effective support for those teaching outside their main areas of expertise.

Art is valued and celebrated in the displays in the classrooms and around the school.



Learners develop detailed knowledge and skills across the curriculum and, as a result achieve high standards across the curriculum.  They are confident in creating their own work and making relevant comments about the work of others, including artists and other children. They also develop a passion for Art and a confidence in learning and using skills and techniques. Coverage of different artists and style of art means that children develop an understanding and overview of different media and significant artists.  This gives them a reference point for their work and a context for how different art forms are created.