Collective Worship

The aim of Collective Worship at Ashton St Peter’s is to introduce pupils to worship in a manner appropriate to their age, aptitude and family background , drawing primarily upon the riches of the Anglican tradition, as well as other Christian traditions. Collective Worship takes place for the whole school in our hall at the start of the school day.

Ashton St Peter’s respects the individuality and uniqueness of every pupil. It is not the school’s purpose to actively evangelise, but we aim to encourage those participating in any act of worship to feel part of the Christian faith community, and to feel valued and included. Collective Worship is something we do together whilst embracing a great variety of faith commitment.

We have 5 chances to meet for our Collective Worship in a typical school week:

Monday: Value Collective Worship (Led by Mr Bower + Reverend Rachel)

Tuesday: Bible Collective Worship (Led by Mrs Ingham + Mrs Swan)

Wednesday: Star Collective Worship (Led by Mrs Ellis, Miss Harris, Miss Gilmartin + Mrs Roberts)

Thursday: Song Collective Worship (Led by Mrs Deeley + Mrs Larrington)

Friday: Class Collective Worship (Led by Individual Class teachers)