Year 3

Welcome to Year 3: Rockhopper Penguin Class

Miss Gilmartin: Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Bird: Teaching Assistant

Mrs Griggs: 1:1 Teaching Assistant 


What have we been learning?

Spring Term

In Art, we have been looking at sculptures as an art form. We explored some of the sculptures in our local area and discussed what materials might have been used to make them and what the artist is trying to communicate to others. We have began planning our sculptures around the theme of ‘Friendship’ and we thought about how we could use our body language and our facial expressions to express different elements of friendships. Have a look at some of our poses below…

In March 2022, we celebrated Science Week around the theme of ‘Growth’. As a class, we looked at how animals, humans and the world around us grows and changes. We focused on penguins, as our class name is Rockhopper Penguin class, and we explored how Gentoo penguins have grown and adapted their nests to survive in an ever-changing. We built our own nests using materials from around our school grounds and tested how well they survived in “rainy” and “windy” conditions. We must be excellent nest builders as they survived quite well! 

Autumn Term

In Maths this half term, we have been developing our addition and subtraction skills by looking at adding ones to a 3-digit number with an exchange. We used place value counters to help us understand that when adding ones it can affect the ones column and the tens column. This will helps us later on when we look at adding a 2-digit number to a 3-digit number! 

Year 3 also had an exciting opportunity to take part in some fire-building this half term. Mr Dockerill came in and taught us all about how to build a fire using natural materials around us. We learnt how to create a spark and had a go at making a small fire using pieces of cotton wool. It was a great day and the children thoroughly enjoyed toasting their brioches over the fire!