Year 3

Welcome to Year 3: France Class

Miss Gilmartin: Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Bird: Teaching Assistant

Key Information

What have we been learning?

Autumn Term

In Maths this term, we have been exploring place value and addition and subtraction using three-digit numbers. As part of our learning, we have been exploring what happens when we cross the tens barrier when adding a one-digit number to a three-digit number. We found this a little bit tricky so to help us we used the place value counters so we could see how to exchange ten ones for one ten. By the end of the lesson, we were feeling much more confident! 

In Science this term, we have been exploring the human body and learning all about our skeletons and muscles. We discovered that there are three different types of skeletons: an endoskeleton, an exoskeleton and a hydro-static skeleton! We also learnt some new key words, including a vertebrate and an invertebrate. To help us remember these key words, we looked at different animal skeletons and sorted them into vertebrates and invertebrates. We have found this topic very interesting and can now name lots of different bones in our bodies!