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What have we been learning?

Over the last few weeks, the children have been learning about Owls.
It all started when I read The Owl Babies, by Martin Waddell to the children.  They all decided that they would like to know more about Owls.
The children were very interested in how Sarah, Percy and Bill felt when their mother left.  We had a discussion as a class about how they might feel and how the children would feel if their mother left.  The children were very empathetic and thoughtful and gave answers such as: sad, scared and worried.  We used these words to write in a speech bubble and we coloured in Sarah, Percy and Bill.
Next, the children wanted to know more about Owls, so we looked at a non-fiction book called Owls and Owlets and used our knowledge to label the parts of an owl.  The children enjoyed learning new vocabulary such as: beak, talons, wing and feathers.
The children found the feathers particularly interesting and I discovered a real owl wing in the resources room, which we used along with other owl feathers to draw and design our own feather, looking at the shape, colour, texture and pattern.
Lastly, we looked at a satellite picture of the school to help us think about how an owl sees things.  We used it to go for a walk around the school and looked at how different our playground looks.  We also saw two things that puzzled us, so we decided to go and explore and we discovered that they were the breeze house and the trim trail in the big playground.  
We have had so much fun and we hope you enjoy our pictures.

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This term, we have been learning about hibernation.  The children have been finding out which animals need to hibernate in winter and why.  We read a book called ‘Don’t hog the hedge’ and decided that we would like to help a hedgehog hibernate by making them a nest.  We called it the Hedgehog Hotel.

To make it, we wrote a list of items on a whiteboard that the hedgehog might need.  We decided these were: food, leaves and water.  We went for a walk around our school to find a safe place to build our hotel.  The children decided to make it under a tree branch that had partially fallen, to keep them safe from predators.