Subject progression of skills and long term planning

Progression of Skills

The following progression documents show the knowledge and skills that we expect children to know and to able to use during their journey and at the next stage of their learning. The teachers use interesting and relevant themes combined with a wide range of reading materials to engage children and maximise learning for all. This well-planned curriculum is complimented by an exciting variety of visitors and trips, including residential visits for years 4 and 6. Our curriculum is further enriched through the wide range of after-school club provision and sporting competitions, organised by our sport’s specialist. By the time the children leave for secondary school, they have developed a thirst for learning, determination to succeed and respect for each other.

Through our commitment to strive for the very best for our children, we are continuously reviewing our curriculum, working with staff, governors, children and parents to create a curriculum that matches our ambitions for every child whilst complimenting the vision and aims of our community.


Subject Progression Maps & Long Term Planning 

Art & Design                                                                        

Art EYFS & KS1 Progression Map                                                                          

Art KS2 Progression Map

Art Long Term Plan



Computing EYFS & KS1 Progression Map                                                           

Computing KS2 Progression Map

Computing Long Term Plan


Design Technology

DT EYFS & KS1 Progression Map                                                                          

DT KS2 Progression Map

DT Long Term Plan



Spelling Progression KS1 & KS2

Writing EYFS & KS1 Progression Map

Writing KS2 Progression Map

Writing Process KS1 & KS2 Progression Map

English Long Term Plan



Geography EYFS and KS1 Progression Map                                                       

Geography KS2 Progression Map 

Geography Long Term Plan



History EYFS and KS1 Progression Map                                                             

History KS2 Progression Map

History Long Term Plan



Maths KS1 & KS2 Progression Map   

Maths Long Term Plan             



Music EYFS & KS1 Progression Map                                                                    

Music KS2 Progression Map 

Music Long Term Plan


Physical Education

PE EYFS & KS1 Progression Map                                                                          

PE KS2 Progression Map

PE Long Term Plan



Phonics EYFS & KS1 Progression Map



PSHE Progression Map   

PSHE Long Term Plan   


Religious Education                                                                              

RE Progression Map    

RE Long Term Plan         



Reading EYFS & KS1 Progression Map 

Reading KS2 Progression Map



Science EYFS & KS1 Progression Map                                                                 

Science KS2 Progression Map

 Science Long Term Plan


Speaking and Listening

Speaking and Listening EYFS & KS1 Progression Map

Speaking and Listening KS2 Progression Map