Church Services

Autumn Term Service: Harvest Service 2021

Our Harvest service was held within our NEW school hall as poor weather conditions restricted us from going to the Priory Church. It was great to be able to gather together again. Later in our service, Reverend Rachel shared what the Bishop’s Harvest Appeal has been doing this year. The Bishop’s Harvest appeal recognises that around the world, there are many who live in poverty. Poverty means living without life’s essentials such as food, clean water, clothes and shelter. This is what they are battling to try and help.

This year, the Bishop of St Albans’ Harvest Appeal aims to support the ‘Water is Life’ Project to help change the lives of so many living in the DRC. All monies raised went to help change the lives of people such as Deborah, as they can access clean, safe water for drinking, cooking and washing.

Tearfund and local churches have been inspired by the words of Jesus in supporting the Water is Life project. The bible explains how Jesus really cares for those in need. In his teaching and his action, he encourages all to offer their time, talents and treasure to help others, including those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Once, he told the story of a king who was pleased with those who had chosen to help others.