Year 1

Welcome to Year 1: Snow Leopard Class

Mrs. Richards Year 1 Teacher (Monday – Wednesday)

Mrs. Burgess Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Kalabza Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Hogan 1:1 Support 

Although Mrs Larrington is no longer teaching Year 1, Mrs Day will be returning to school and spending some time teaching our class every week.


What have we been learning:


Throughout the summer term we have been learning about living things. Before half term we grew bean and nasturtium seeds – very successfully- so we were able see every stage of germination and growth. 

We have looked at mini beasts in their environment exploring the science garden to see what creatures were hiding there, and we looked for all the signs of spring growth too.

In the second half term we are going to be looking at the lives of different kinds of animals, growing, living and being able to classify different classes of animals.


In Geography in the autumn term, the children were learning about where we live. They learnt about the different continents of the world and enjoyed singing the continent song. They then learnt about the United Kingdom and discovered some of the national foods, flowers, animals, patriot saints and traditions in each of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland were. They also enjoyed singing the song for this too. They then found out some of the popular places in Dunstable where they live and finally learnt about their own addresses and where they live. We finished by writing a postcard to their family to share what they had enjoyed learning in Year 1 and posted them in the post box using a stamp.


For History in the Summer term we will be looking at local history- especially the history of Dunstable and the immediate areas and also letting the children look at ways in which their homes and familiar spaces have changed.



In History in the autumn term, the Children were finding out about how things have changed in the past. They created timelines of their lives and events that they felt were significant like starting school, being in lockdown, moving houses or if they had brothers or sisters born. They also learnt about how telephones had changed over time, they got to play with toys from the past and used photographic evidence to compare what schools used to be like compared to what they are like today.


In art in the autumn term, the children were focusing on ‘Painting’. They started by discovering and learning about the Primary and Secondary colours. They then used this to create some art based on Jackson Pollock where they have to flick paint on to their own individual art and drip paint on a whole class display in the style of Jackson Pollock. Then during Black History month, they created art based on Alma Thomas’s ‘Eclipse’ artwork.  Whilst focusing on different artists they were able to talk about the Primary and Secondary colours they were using.


Design and Technology

  In Design and Technology in summer we will be exploring mechanisms to move an object and once they have explored these the children will design and make a picture with moving pars.
In Design and Technology in the autumn term, the children learnt all about fruit and vegetables. They started by creating pictograms of the classes favourite fruit and vegetables. They then tasted them and described them by what they look like as well as they what they tasted like. Then they planned to create a fruit face. Once they had designed their face, they created a shopping list and the children visited the market to buy their ingredients and then make their designs. Finally they evaluated their work on how close it was to their design and how it tasted. The children really enjoyed this half terms


Raising money for Charity on ‘Christmas Jumper Day’