Year 1

Welcome to Year 1: Snow Leopard Class

Mrs. Richards Year 1 Teacher (Monday – Wednesday)

Mrs. Larrington Year 1 Teacher (Thursday – Friday)

Mrs. Burgess Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Kalabza Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Hogan 1:1 Support 



We have been learning all about our senses and different materials. We have been exploring different sounds with different instruments. We had a brilliant time with the drum workshop.

Year 1 have been learning about different materials.  We identified and named them, starting to look at their properties.  We tested different types of paper to see which was the most absorbent.


We have been counting, comparing, ordering and adding objects and numbers. We have been trying our best and working hard at our problem solving too!

Art + D.T

We have been exploring Primary and Secondary colours as a class. We used different colours in recreating a piece of artwork inspired by Jackson Pollock. Jackson Pollock dripped his paint over his canvas to create his artwork. We did a whole class piece of artwork, which was SO FUN to create! We have also been looking at eating more fruit and vegetables in D.T. We have tried many different fruit, some we did not enjoy.

Year 1 tasted a range of fruit.  We had to decide if we like them or not!  We also used equipment to cut up fruit and used them to make a fruit cocktail for us to try.

Religious Education

We have been seeing what Christians think God is like. We have read the Parable of the lost son and seen that God is loving and forgiving. We have seen that Parables are stories that Jesus told that he teaches us something through.

History + Geography

We have been exploring old things in year 1. We have been looking at old toys and old cars. We got to play with the old toys. We have also been looking at the United Kingdom and learning who is in the UK.