Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Mrs Pazik (Centre) Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Burgess (Left) Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kalabza (Right) Teaching Assistant



What a really exciting start to Year 1! Mr. Peck showed the children how to explore and hunt for natural materials to make stick men. The children were extremely proud of their own designs and the finished products look fantastic!

We have been to the Salvation Army!

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Year 1 ‘Wonderful Tales’ Spring Term 1 2017 2018DSC03697






Learning takes place at home and here in school and it is important that we work together in partnership to provide the best opportunities for all our children. We plan a range of learning opportunities throughout each term and encourage you to take a look at our plans below, so that you can talk to your child about their learning and support it further at home.


Please follow the links below to view the planning for this term

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Year 1 ‘Wonderful Tales’ Spring Term 1 2017 2018

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