Year 5

Welcome to Year 5: Turtle Class

Mrs. Ellis Year 5 Teacher (Monday – Wednesday)

Mrs. Deeley Year 5 Teacher (Thursday – Friday)

Mrs Harwood Teaching Assistant (NNEB)

Mrs. O’Connell 1:1 Support


What we have been learning …


We have been studying poetry, particularly looking at cinquains.

These are 5 lined poems that have a set number of syllables per line.

Line 1-2    line 2-4    line 3-6   line 4-8     line 5-2

We looked at poems on many different themes and then used them to write our own based on an image of a poppy field.


We have been learning about materials and their properties.  We studied different materials across the topic looking at how they are used and why different materials are chosen for certain purposes.

We looked at which plates we should use for a picnic.  The children had to test them for being able to be washed, how heavy they were and how breakable they might be.

We also looked at a mystery material and observed what happened when we added water.  The children found out that it absorbed the water causing it to expand until it was saturated.