Year 5

Welcome to Year 5: Turtle Class

Mrs. Ellis Year 5 Teacher (Monday – Wednesday)

Mrs. Deeley Year 5 Teacher (Thursday – Friday)

Mrs Harwood Teaching Assistant (NNEB)

Mrs. O’Connell 1:1 Support


What we have been learning …


We have been studying poetry, particularly looking at cinquains.

These are 5 lined poems that have a set number of syllables per line.

Line 1-2    line 2-4    line 3-6   line 4-8     line 5-2

We looked at poems on many different themes and then used them to write our own based on an image of a poppy field.

History Vikings

We have been learning about the Vikings and how they impacted on the development of modern day Britain.  We looked at everyday life and how they settled as well as how they used weapons and strategies to defend and invade.  

Our learning culminated with a Viking Day on the school field.  We dressed up as Vikings and got to examine and learn about Viking weapons.  Later in the day we built shelters and made fires to imagine that we were campling out before a big battle.


We have been learning about the sculptor Antony Gormley who is famous for creating ‘The Angel of the North.’

We examined his work and discussed what impact he wanted to have on the viewer.

Year 5 invited other children to view the finished product and to discuss what we wanted to achieve using the theme of ‘Human Connection.’

The Queen’s Jubilee

We were very excited to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by having a whole school picnic lunch.  We sat in rows and enjoyed the lovely food from the kitchen.  Afterwards we were able to have ice-cream on the field with our friends.

We also spent some time learning about the history behind the celebration by studying the Queen and using art to represent an image of the Queen.