Year 5

Welcome to Year 5: Badger Class

Mrs. Ingham Year 5 Teacher 

Mrs Linney and Mrs Dineen Teaching Assistants 

Mrs Cavanagh 1:1 support


What we have been learning …


We have been studying fables.  We have read examples and discussed the features including the moral at the end of each one

After examining each example, we planned our fable by choosing two animals, a setting and a moral.  We used these to tell a story that represented our moral.  It ended by showing the benefits for the character or the consequences.

Viking Day

We have been learning about the Vikings in history.  We finished the topic with an awesome Viking Day!  During Viking Day, we all dressed as Vikings and took part in a battle on the field to learn about how the different kings.  We also made a camp, including lighting fires and cooking a Viking soup we had prepared the day before.  Finally we we able to look at and handle some Viking artefacts to help us to further understand how the Vikings lived.


We have been looking at the topic of space and examining the different planets and also why we have a year and a day linked to this.

We carried out an investigation to find out what happened when the planets orbited the sun by lining up and walking round in the order from the sun.

We found out that the closer to the sun the shorter the time to orbit the sun.

Design Technology

We examined existing kites to see how they were constructed.  Using our planning sheet, we made our own kites based on our agreed design criteria.

Finally we flew them on the playground to see if they were successful.