Documents for Inspection

We are required to publish the following information on our website. Please click on the links for further information. All documents are available, free of charge, from our school office.

  1. The name, postal address and telephone number of the school, and the name of a person to whom enquiries should be addressed. Click here.
  2. The name of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator. (SENDCo) Click here
  3. Admissions arrangements. Click here
  4. Most recent OFSTED report. Click here.
  5. Key stage 2 results. Click here.
  6. The School Performance Tables, published by the Secretary of State on the Department for Education’s website. Click here.
  7. Details of our curriculum  Click here
  8. Details of our phonics and reading schemes.
  9. The schools Pupil Discipline and Behaviour Policy. Click here
  10. The school’s Complaints Procedure. Click here
  11. The amount of Pupil Premium received by the school, how it was spent and the effect of the Pupil Premium grant on attainment levels. Click here
  12. The amount of Sports Premium Grant Expenditure received by the school, how it will be spent and reviewed. Click here
  13. The schools Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) policy. Click here
  14. The school’s Equality Policy. Click here
  15. Governors information and duties. Click here
  16. The school’s Charging and Remissions Policy. Click here
  17. A statement of the school’s ethos and values. Click Here

Other information:

  1. Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy
  2. Privacy Notice
  3. Summary of School Development Plan 2021/2022
  4. Data Overview 2018/2019
  5. Strategic Plan for 2019-2022

Information that is available for inspectors on request:

  1. Full copy of SDP
  2. Full copy of SEF
  3. Full copy of Post-Ofsted Action Plan