Year 6

Welcome to Year 6: Orangutan Class

Mrs. Ingham – Year 6 Teacher 

Mrs. Linney – Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Dineen – Teaching Assistant


What have we been learning?

Whipsnade Zoo

We have taken advantage of our  Education access membership and spent a day enjoying the fresh air and animals at Whipsnade zoo. Our learning included a free workshop on habitatas and adaptations which was an exciting hands-on experience which helped to embed prior leaning in school.

Local History

We were lucky enough to visit a very special exhibition about Medieval Dunstable. The children loved learning new facts and created  school quizzes for each Key Stage 2 class to enjoy. Children then followed a trail (we were fortunate to be loaned the exhibition banners)and worked in teams to find the answers. Everybody had an interesting and active time in their learning.



Year 6 completed a challenging unit where they built birdhouses. This culminated in a super exhibition to parents and other classes, where they had the chance to describe the process, demonstrate how to to use toools and show off their finished products with pride.Hopefully the birds will nest in them!




In Year 6 we have just held an Art exhibition, to celebrate culmination of 6 weeks work on photography. We were inspired by the Californian landscape photographer and environmentalist Ansell Adams. After exploring his work, we went on a trip to Dunstable Downs where we used school Ipads to photograph the landscape and nature around us (which linked with Science topic-Living things). We wanted our photos to show different aspects of light and shade and to reflect his work, so they were edited and printed in monochrome. The results were amazing and parents and all pupils at school were very complimentary about our work.

British Values 

Before the start of U.K Parliament week, Year 6 interviewed our local M.P Andrew Selous virtually from his office in the Houses of Parliament. Questions ranged from personal enquiries about his life, journey into,  and work in politics, to the pressing questions for us all concerning Climate change and COP26. Mr Selous congratulated the children on their open- ended questioning and depth of concern and understanding of environmental matters.

Autumn Fun

Connected with our Science topic on living things and to celebrate the harvest and wonder of God’s world, we celebrated the end of our first half-term together by holding a Conker Championship. It was interesting to research methods of hardening conkers, how to play the game and the World Conker Championship which was held recently at a small village in Northamptonshire, England.  The children in Year 6 are very competitive and much fun was had by all.


During  learning in our unit ‘Creation and Science, conflicting or complementary?’, we invited our local rector, Revd Rachel Phillips from the Priory Church of St Peter, to share her views on this very interesting question. Both the interviewers and interviewee were extremely enthusiastic and the experience definitely gave more food for thought for all concerned.