Year 4

Welcome to Year 4: River Severn Class

Miss Harris Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Bird Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Hogan Teaching Assistant


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Year 4 – Autumn 2019/20

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Plans from previous years


Year 4 ‘Anglo-Saxons’ Summer Term 2 2018-2019

Year 4 ‘Tastes of India’ Summer Term 1 2018-2019

Year 4 ‘Hot and Cold’ Spring Term 2 2018-2019

Year 4 ‘Home’ Spring Term 1 2018-2019

Year 4 ‘On the Road Again’ Autumn Term 2 2018 2019

Year 4 ‘Where is Home’ Autumn Term 1 2018 2019


Dell Farm – Day 1

Dell Farm – Day 2

Dell Farm – Day 3

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 visited the University of Hertfordshire inflatable planetarium. They experienced an amazing journey through space and met Pudsey bear!


Year 4 children took part in Bikeability for a day. This was when they learnt about road safety and how to ride a bike on the road carefully.

About our Forest School Adventure with Dell Farm

A few days ago, we had a trip outside to find some leaves with the lovely people from Dell Farm. When we went outside, we looked at leaves. Some leaves were rusty and some were very bright. We looked at leaves like the lime tree, the sycamore tree and the horse chestnut tree. We created journey sticks. We got a stick and tied 6 leaves on it as we went round the field.  When we saw the leaves we really liked, we pick one and looked at it and put it on our stick. As soon as we saw the sycamore tree, we saw the helicopter seed and it span around – it was great to watch. The most popular tree we have in our field was probably the lime one because it came up in lots of areas of the field. We also found out that one tree, called the horse chestnut, had a huge disease that the sycamore could catch too.

By Buddy and Jodie

Learning takes place at home and here in school and it is important that we work together in partnership to provide the best opportunities for all our children. We plan a range of learning opportunities throughout each term and encourage you to take a look at our plans below, so that you can talk to your child about their learning and support it further at home.