Year 4

Welcome to Year 4: Mexico Class

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Mrs. Roberts Year 4 Teacher

Mrs. Neale Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Toyer 1:1 Support

Mrs Cavanagh 1:1 Support


What have we been learning?


Autumn Term 1


We began the year by learning how to write riddles. We created mind maps of vocabulary to help us write clues for our chosen object. We have also been looking at writing non-chronological reports using the Amazon River as our focus. The children have been researching the wildlife that live there and then presented their findings to the class. We also wrote a shared piece of writing for the introduction, the children had some great ideas!


We have been learning about place value using Maths equipment. We have used number lines, base ten and place value counters. This has helped us to compare and order numbers up to 10,000. We have also been learning how to add and subtract 4-digit numbers. Strategies to check our answers have helped to see if we are correct!


In Science, we have been learning about the digestive system.  The children learnt about the different organs used when eating and had a handy mnenominc to help them remember: Many Old Sailors Sell Lovely Red Apples! We started to learn about the different types of teeth we have and what they are used for. We tried some different foods to see which teeth we use when eating.


They were also lucky enough to take part in an exciting workshop at Whipsande Zoo, where they got to be detectives and use their knowledge about animal teeth to discover what they ate. The children loved investigating the different skulls and exploring their teeth. 

Design Technology

In DT this half term we have been studying seasonal food. For our first lesson, we were learning to cook using British ingredients available all year round. We made fairy cakes using flour, which is produced all year round. 

Religious Education

Our topic this half term has been the Trinity. Children created some artwork to show their interpretation of the baptism of Jesus, when all three parts of the Trinity came together for the first time. 

Autumn Term 2


Our topic this half term is ‘Good Vibrations’. We began by doing a sound walk around school to identify various sounds and what was causing the vibration. We then learnt about how sound travels through the different parts of our ear and sends messages to our brain. 

Physical Education

This half term, we are learning gymnastics and yoga. We have been learning different jumps and rolls in gymnastics, our favourite is the ‘Teddy Bear Roll’. In yoga, we have been stretching and relaxing our bodies while concentrating on our breathing. We have enojyed being calm.