Here at Ashton St. Peter’s we believe that a high-quality Science education is fundamental to developing a child’s understanding of the world through the key disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. Scientific advancements are happening every day and are key to the world’s future prosperity so it is vital for children to understand essential aspects of the knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science. We provide children with a solid understanding of key foundational knowledge and concepts, immersing them in a vocabulary-rich environment that allows them to build their understanding of the topic being studied as well as the diverse planet we live on. The staff here at Ashton St. Peter’s ensure that all children are exposed to high-quality teaching and learning experiences that provide them with opportunities to develop their scientific enquiry and investigative skills through exploring their outdoor environment and locality. Children are encouraged to make predictions and observations, to question what they see and offer possible explanations for events and causes. 



Teachers plan for the teaching and learning of Science on a termly and weekly basis supported by a comprehensive scheme of work – Snap Science which covers all aspects of the Science national curriculum. We encourage the children to learn actively through experimentation and enquiry, alongside the systematic teaching of the skills and knowledge specific to the subject, and the vocabulary needed to communicate understanding accurately. As a school, we recognise our responsibility to promote science as a subject and potential career for all, to counterbalance any perceived bias.

Science is delivered through weekly lessons and alongside this, a science week is organised each year, which further enhances the subject, through a focus on exciting scientific investigations and challenges.

A wide and varied range of resources are available for staff use and regular training and support is available for all staff.



Children are excited and positive about their learning, and are active and enthusiastic in participating in lessons. They acquire a secure level of skills, knowledge and understanding, resulting in almost all children achieving age related expectations or above.