Welcome from Our Head Teacher

Dear Parents and Carers,

It gives me great pleasure to write to you as the Headteacher of Ashton St. Peter’s Primary School.

Ashton St Peter’s is now a ‘Good’ school with ‘Outstanding’ features and all our children are flourishing as individuals and academics.

Previous to my headship here, I was a teacher for eleven years. In my previous most recent post, I was the Assistant Headteacher and had been a member of the Senior Leadership Team for 5 years, at Aston St. Mary’s CoE Primary School. I was proud to be part of a team that turned this school from a ‘Good’ School to an ’Outstanding’ School and consistently achieved outstanding results in the top 10% of schools in Hertfordshire. Prior to working at Aston St. Mary’s, I worked at Wilshere-Dacre Junior School in Hitchin and was fortunate enough to work with a variety of Headteachers and an Executive Headteachers in this school. I have taught in every year group in some capacity and intend to get into the classrooms as much as I can at Ashton St. Peter’s. Through spending time in each class, I will get to know the children well and this ‘hands on’ experience will allow me to clearly understand how the heart of this school functions and how I can best lead the school.

I would like to thank parents and staff for supporting us on this journey so far and am excited for the future of the school.

I am always happy to hear your thoughts and ideas and I look forward to working in close partnership with you.

Kind regards,

Mr. David Bower