Year 2

Welcome to Year 2: Ghana Class

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Miss Harris Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Burgess Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hogan 1:1 Support

What have we been learning?

Remembering our Queen

To pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth 11 we created a memory booklet. This was then taken to Green Park and laid down in the tribute garden. A couple of days later our book was spotted in some photos! 


In Year 2, we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. In 1666 people passed a leather bucket down a ‘human chain’ from the River Thames to the fire. We had a go at creating our own human chain, we found it very tricky!


In Science this term, we are learning about materials! To test materials we created a home for our Quiet Critters, we needed to find which material would be the best for curtains! We looked at a range of materials and to see whether they are ‘opaque’ or ‘transparent’.  We discovered that the black card was the best material for our Quiet Critter’s curtains.


In maths this term we are looking at place value. In this lesson we were estimating numbers using a numberline!


In English we have written letters to the Lionesses to congratulate them on their win over the summer! We sent our letters off in a special envelope – we really hope we get a reply!